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Delicious dessert butters

Made with Yorkshire butter

Our Story

Owned by Sarah and Jamie, this home grown business is based in Yorkshire. Born out of a love of eating brandy butter at Christmas, Sarah took to making her own recipes each year.


Making brandy butter developed into trying other types of alcoholic butters, as well as some non-alcoholic flavours. They all tasted so good we thought 'why is nobody doing this already?'. And so, The Yorkshire Kitchen was born.

Brandy butter with dessert


At The Yorkshire Kitchen, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality homemade dessert accompaniments. Our range of butters are made with the finest Yorkshire butter, and we offer a variety of infusions including brandy, whisky, orange, coffee, salted caramel, vanilla and chocolate.


Our butters are perfect to accompany a variety of desserts. Whether you're looking for something to add to your cakes, crumbles, brownies or biscuits, our butters will leave your taste buds wanting more.


We carefully source our ingredients to ensure the freshest and highest quality products. Our butters are perfect for any occasion, and we can't wait for you to try them!

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