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Our Butter

All of our butters are created from a small number of fine ingredients that are hand crafted to give you a smooth, spreadable and fluffy product. Please see below to follow the process that creates our dessert butters .


Butter from The Yorkshire Creamery

All our butter is supplied by The Yorkshire Creamery, a company that cares about quality and welfare. This small creamery gets its day fresh milk from its farms in the Yorkshire Dales which it churns into butter or cheese. Visit their website and see for yourself.


Our Flavours

Regardless of the flavour, we only use quality ingredients. Our Brandy is Cognac graded to V.S.O.P (Very Superior Old Pale), our Whisky is single malt from Speyside and our orange liqueur is Cointreau triple sec.
Our less boozy offerings use Madagascan vanilla or St Lucian cocoa.

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Formulating our products to give a fine balance between flavour, texture and spreadability was no easy task. We spend countless hours in the kitchen meticulously weighing out, blending and timing our process to ensure that we have got the most mouthwatering product  every time.


Our product is always made in small batches of around 60 jars. They are blended and whisked in a number of steps for a precise amount of time to ensure the product is smooth with no grittiness and it remains spreadable when refrigerated. The jars are then labelled and stored until they are whisked off to our customers.

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